Our Investment Proposition

Exposure to a broad cross section of end markets - Industrial, Healthcare and Technology - but with no direct exposure to consumer electronics.

A diverse customer base of over 4,500 active customers, with no one customer making up a significant proportion of revenue.

A growing penetration of a global, blue chip customer base.

Powerful customer relationship management tools which allow the efficient management of our customer base and identification of pricing and product trends that enable the development of appropriate, innovative new products.

Attractive margins and lower capital investment requirements when compared to many manufacturing industries, resulting in strong free cash flow and margins that are amongst the highest in the industry.

Revenue annuity - although design cycles are often long, once our power converters are approved for use in our customer's end equipment XP Power enjoys a revenue annuity for the lifetime of the customer's equipment, which is typically seven years.

An established pipeline of new class leading "green" products which operate at high efficiency.

Progressive dividend - the business model allows for a progressive dividend, which is paid quarterly.

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