Annual General Meeting

21 April 2020

The Annual General Meeting of XP Power Limited was held at 401 Commonwealth Drive, Haw Par Technocentre, Lobby B, #02-02, Singapore 149598 on 21 April 2020, commencing at 5.00 p.m. Singapore time.

As set out in the Company’s trading update released on 3 April 2020, the Board decided to withdraw Resolution 2, to approve the final dividend for 2019 of 36 pence per share. A resolution was tabled at the start of today’s Annual General Meeting to withdraw this resolution which was passed unanimously by a show of hands. All other resolutions were unanimously passed by a show of hands.

For information, the following table shows the total votes cast by proxy voting on the resolutions that were put to the meeting. The total number of shares in issue was 19,442,296.

Resolution numberResolution descriptionIn Favour Against Withheld 
1To receive and adopt the reports and audited accounts14,339,20599.99%1,7840.01%14,327 
3To re-elect Gavin Griggs14,353,91099.99%1,4070.01%0 
4To re-elect Duncan Penny14,355,317100.00%00.00%0 
5To re-elect Polly Williams14,164,91198.67%190,4061.33%0 
6To re-elect James Peters13,981,93597.40%373,3812.60%0 
7To re-elect Terry Twigger14,179,23898.77%176,0791.23%0 
8To re-elect Andy Sng14,353,91099.99%1,4070.01%0 
9To re-elect Pauline Lafferty14,355,317100.00%00.00%0 
10To reappoint auditors14,324,23799.78%31,0790.22%0 
11Remuneration of auditors14,340,34999.90%14,9680.10%0 
12To receive and adopt the Remuneration Policy11,125,32679.15%2,930,13820.85%299,852 
13To receive and adopt the Remuneration Report11,660,11982.96%2,395,34517.04%299,852 
14To approve the Restricted Share Plan 202011,075,54178.80%2,979,92321.20%299,852 
15Authority to allot shares14,074,97798.05%280,3401.95%0 
16To amend the limit for total fees payable to non-executive directors14,339,20599.89%16,1110.11%0 
17To authorize the issue of shares14,355,317100.00%00.00%0 
18To authorize the disapplication of pre-emption rights14,339,20599.89%16,1110.11%0 
19Authority for the Company to purchase its own shares14,336,86399.89%16,1110.11%0 

Note: Percentage of votes cast excludes withheld votes

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