Our Marketplace

We continue to expand our product portfolio to grow our addressable market and provide more products to our key customers where we are already an approved or preferred supplier.

The markets we serve

We have a broad exposure to the Healthcare, Industrial Electronics, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Technology markets. Our customers are manufacturers of capital equipment and their end markets all exhibit different degrees of cyclicality. Generally, the Technology markets are most cyclical but it is clear that the long-term growth prospects for technology are robust. Healthcare is our least cyclical sector with Industrial lying between Technology and Healthcare.

We have a diverse customer base of over 4,500 customers that we deal with directly and many more customers serviced through our distribution channels which have been growing strongly in recent years.

The diversity of our business is a significant strength with no single customer exceeding more than 11% of revenue. Further, there is no single dominant player in the markets we address due to the diversity of customer requirements.

We have no direct exposure to consumer products.

Market Size and Opportunity

We estimate that XP Power has a 7% share of its addressable global market (excluding RF Power).

North America

The North America network consists of 11 sales offices; an extensive engineering solutions function based in Northern California with production facilities in Massachusetts and New Jersey, and a design centre in Southern California. This network allows XP Power to provide its major customers with local, face-toface support and rapid response times.


In Europe, the network consists of eight direct sales offices and a further nine distributor offices. In addition, XP Power has engineering solutions centres in Germany and in the UK. With good coverage across Europe, we have the operational flexibility to provide good quality and timely service.


We have five direct sales offices in Asia run from Singapore, where we also manage a network of seven distributors serving the region. We have engineering solutions capability in Singapore and South Korea to complement our offering to customers in the region.


* Share is based on annualised revenue

Source: MicroTech Consultants 2019 Report and management estimates

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