Committee Terms of Reference

Nominations Committee

The Nomination Committee consists of James Peters (Chair), Terry Twigger, Polly Williams and Pauline Lafferty. The Committee reviews and considers the appointment of new Directors. All Non-Executive Directors are given the opportunity to interview any proposed candidates. Any appointment of a new Director is voted on by the whole Board.

Remuneration Committee

The Report of the Remuneration Committee in our Annual Report sets out in detail the Group's policy on remuneration and the remuneration packages for the Board. No Director participates in the deciding of their own remuneration. Pauline Lafferty is Chair of the Remuneration Committee.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee Report in our Annual Report sets out in detail the Group's arrangements to ensure corporate reporting complies with legal and accounting standards together with effective risk management and internal control processes and appropriate supervision and performance of the external Auditor.

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