About XP Power

The Group

XP Power is a leading international provider of essential power control solutions. Power direct from the electricity grid is unsuitable for the equipment which it supplies. XP Power designs and manufactures power converters - components which convert power into the right form for our individual customers' needs, allowing their electronic equipment to function. We have also expanded our addressable market by entering the high voltage and radio frequency (RF) power markets. Here the power is converted to power a process rather than powering electronics.

The Market

The global power converter market is highly fragmented made up of hundreds of thousands of customers. We compete with around fifty manufacturers of power solutions capable of operating on a worldwide basis. We conservatively estimate the available market for low voltage power converters is in excess of US$3 billion, the available RF power market is in excess of US$1.2 billion and the available high voltage market is in excessive of US$0.5 billion.

Our customers and industry segmentation

Our customers are original equipment manufacturers who can be characterised as having expertise in their particular area, whether it be medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing technology or industrial automation but generally do not have in-house power supply expertise. XP Power provides this expertise and assists our customers to design in a suitable power supply from our extensive range of products that meet the customer's cost and technical requirements. Technical requirements often involve helping the customer meet the relevant equipment safety standards that operate in their particular industry as well as Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

We segment our customer base into the following industries:


Industrial Technology

Power solutions including applications such as 3D printing, clean energy, industrial printing, process control, robotics, test & measurement, smart grid , transport and hazardous environments. Industrial Technology is our most diverse sector.



Power solutions for audio visual broadcast equipment, mobile & wireless communications, computing and data processing.



Medically approved power solutions for use in patient vicinity applications and in the laboratory environment including analytics, imaging, patient monitoring, life science, surgical tools and home healthcare.


Semi Fab

Power solutions for semiconduction manufacturing equipment including deposition, wafer handling, etch, semiconductor test and ion implantation.

We have industry specialists who are versed in technical requirements and power supply legislation applicable to each of these different sectors. This way our people can add genuine value to our customers during in the design in phase but can also use the knowledge they gain from these customers to develop new products to meet the needs of the market.


The need for our customers to differentiate their product from that of their competitors gives rise to a vast number of power supply requirements to satisfy the endlessly increasing combinations of voltages at different power levels and different mechanical formats.

XP Power has over 5,000 products at its disposal. These products range from AC-DC power supplies, including open-frame, enclosed, desktop, configurable and DIN rail power supplies, to DC-DC converters necessary for Distributed Power Architectures. XP Power are also leading the market with greener, more environmentally friendly, highly efficient power solutions for both desktop and component power supplies, enabling customers to meet the very latest environmental legislation. Many of our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam.

XP Power has also expanded its product offering into higher power products which power processes rather than electronic systems . These include high voltage and radio frequency (RF) power converters used extensively in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

We also provide a full value add capability to our customers. This involves providing the power supply in a format that makes it easier and therefore more cost effective for the customer to integrate into their product. This may require providing special housings, thermal and EMC management and specific cable harnesses or connectors.



Like our customer base the competitive landscape is also diverse and the key competitors vary according to the end market sector. XP Power considers its larger competitors to be Advanced Energy, Cosel, SL Power and TDK-Lambda, all of which have a worldwide capability. In addition there are a large number of much smaller suppliers in the industry who generally serve only their local market. Consolidations continues in the industry as scale, time to market, shorter product life cycles, keeping pace with legislation and design costs make it harder for the small custom manufacturers to compete.

Our aim is to be the leading provider of power supplies in our target market, the mid-tier of the power supply industry.

Product development

Our model is to design the power supply using one of our design engineering groups around the world and manufacture the power supply in Asia. Our product range is supplemented by products from key third parties.

We have design engineering teams in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Northern California, Southern California, United Kingdom, Singapore and Taiwan.


Engineering services

Equipment design involves meeting the relevant safety standards that apply to a particular industry as well as EMC legislation and thermal performance. Our customers may also require non standard output voltages or require the power supply in a format that makes it easier and therefore more cost effective to integrate into their equipment. This may involve incorporating several power supplies into one chassis, adding signals, special housings, thermal and EMC management and specific cable harnesses or connectors. More and more of our work involves providing communication between our power solution and the customers’ application using firmware and software as systems become more complex.

Our engineering services group has centres throughout Europe, North America and Asia. They offer EMC pre-compliance facilities, thermal management advice and general pre and post application support. They also offer next day delivery of customer specific AC-DC power solutions with full safety agency approvals from our range of configurable power supplies. For a fully integrated solution the use of 3D computer generated design allows us to quickly generate a proposal with no commitment from the customer.

Our mission

The first choice power solutions provider delivering the ultimate experience for our customers and our people.

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